Digital red book aka eRedbook to close from 1 April

28th March 2023Patient information

From 1 April 2023, the digital red book, also known as eRedbook, will no longer be available for babies living in London following the end of NHSE London’s contract with Sitekit, the provider of the eRedbook on 31 March 2023.

No new data will flow into existing newborns eRedbooks. Previously, parents living in London used their eRedbook to access and store details of their newborn screening, immunisation and many other features.

The paper-based red book will continue to be the definitive parent- held record for children’s immunisations, health reviews and screening tests until a national solution for a digital personal child health record is in place. Each child who currently has an eRedbook should also have a paper-based red book, which is kept up to date with key health information. Parents have an opportunity to copy their personal data prior to the London eRedbook service closure in July 2023.

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Protect your child from polio – New poliovirus campaign launched in London

16th August 2022Patient information

NHS London has launched a polio vaccination campaign. Children aged one to nine years in London will be offered a dose of polio vaccine. This vaccine will be given whether it’s an extra dose or to catch up with their routine vaccinations. In other children it may bring them up to date with their routine vaccinations.

There are signs the virus may be spreading in London and the number of children vaccinated in London is lower than it should be. Boosting immunity in children should help protect them and ensure a high level of protection from any risk of paralysis.

While the risks to the general population are still assessed as low it’s important that this action is taken to reduce the risk of the virus continuing to spread.

Parents will be contacted when it’s their child’s turn to come forward for a dose. 

Find out more about the polio booster campaign on GOV.UK.


Expecting a baby? Sign up to the eRedbook app

3rd August 2022Patient information

If you are expecting a baby, or have recently become a parent, did you know that you can get access to and manage your child’s health records and milestones from an app? The old Redbook has gone digital and is now referred to as ‘eRedbook’.

This platform gives parents more confidence and control over decisions about their child’s health. You can easily store pregnancy scans and photos, record questions for upcoming Health Visitor and GP appointments, record development milestones, as well as any identified health and care issues. All this can be done via a couple of clicks on your smartphone or computer.

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